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Mission (Rocket) Launch Index
Original Photography by Bob Montanaro.

Lucy (Atlas V)
Inspiration4 (Falcon 9)

CRS-23 (Falcon 9)

Transporter-2 (Falcon 9)

GPS III SV05 (Falcon 9)

SXM-8 (Falcon 9)

CRS-22 (Falcon 9)

Starlink 28 (Falcon 9)

SBIRS GEO-5 (Atlas V)

Starlink 26 (Falcon 9)

Starlink 27 (Falcon 9)

Starlink 25 (Falcon 9)

Starlink 24 (Falcon 9)

Crew-2 (Falcon 9)

Starlink 23 (Falcon 9)

Starlink 22 (Falcon 9)

Starlink 21 (Falcon 9)
Starlink 20 (Falcon 9)

Starlink 17 (Falcon 9)

Starlink 19 (Falcon 9)

Starlink 18 (Falcon 9)
Transporter-1 (Falcon 9)

Starlink 16 (Falcon 9)

Turksat 5A (Falcon 9)

NROL-108 (Falcon 9)
SXM-7 (Falcon 9)

NROL-44 (Delta IV Heavy)

CRS-21 (Falcon 9)
Starlink 15 (Falcon 9)
SpaceX Crew-1 (Falcon 9)
NROL-101 (Atlas V)
GPS III SV04 (Falcon 9)
Starlink 14 (Falcon 9)
Starlink 13 (Falcon 9)
Starlink 12 (Falcon 9)
Starlink 11 (Falcon 9)

SAOCOM-1B (Falcon 9)x
Starlink 10/SkySats 19-21 (Falcon 9)

Starlink 9/BlackSky (Falcon 9)

Perseverance (Atlas V)

ANASIS-2 (Falcon 9)

GPS III SV03 (Falcon 9)

Starlink 8 (Falcon 9)

Starlink 7 (Falcon 9)

DM-2 (Falcon 9)

USSF-7 (Atlas V)

Starlink V1.0-L6 (Falcon 9)

AEHF-6 (Atlas V)
Starlink 5 (Falcon 9)

CRS-20 (Falcon 9)

Starlink 4 (Falcon 9)
Solar Orbiter (Atlas V)

Starlink 3 (Falcon 9)

Crew Dragon Launch Escape Demo

Starlink 2 (Falcon 9)

CST-100 Starliner OFT (Atlas V)
JCSAT-18/Kacific1 (Falcon 9)

CRS- 19 (Falcon 9)

Starlink 1 (Falcon 9)

ICON (Pegasus XL)

GPS III SV02 (Delta IV)

AEHF-5 (Atlas V)
+ ULA Social
AMOS-17 (Falcon 9)

CRS-18 (Falcon 9)

Orion Ascent Abort-2
STP-2 (Falcon Heavy)
Starlink (Falcon 9)

CRS-17 (Falcon 9)

Arabsat-6A (Falcon Heavy)

WGS-10 (Delta IV)

Crew Dragon Demo-1 (Falcon 9)

Nusantara Satu (Falcon 9)

GPS III SV01 (Falcon 9)
CRS-16 (Falcon 9)

Es'hail-2 (Falcon 9)

AEHF-4 (Atlas V)

Telstar 18V (Falcon 9)

Parker Solar Probe (Delta IV Heavy)
Merah Putih (Falcon 9)

Telstar 19V (Falcon 9)

CRS-15 (Falcon 9)

SES-12 (Falcon 9)

Bangabandhu Satellite-1 (Falcon 9)

TESS (Falcon 9)

AFSPC-11 (Atlas V)

CRS-14 (Falcon 9)

Hispasat 30W-6 (Falcon 9)

GOES-S (Atlas V)

Falcon Heavy Demo

GovSat-1 (Falcon 9)

SBIRS GEO-4 (Atlas V)

ZUMA (Falcon 9)

CRS-13 (Falcon 9)
KoreaSat-5A (Falcon 9)

NROL-52 (Atlas V)

EchoStar-105/SES-11 (Falcon 9)
OTV-5 (Falcon 9)

ORS-5 (Minotaur IV)

TDRS-M (Atlas 5)

CRS-12 (Falcon 9)

Intelsat 35e (Falcon 9)

BulgariaSat-1 (Falcon 9)

CRS-11 (Falcon 9)

INMARSAT-5 F4 (Falcon 9)

NROL-76 (Falcon 9)

OA-7 (Atlas V)

SES-10 (Falcon 9)

WGS-9 (Delta IV)

EchoStar XXIII (Falcon 9)

CRS-10 (Falcon 9)

SBIRS GEO-3 (Atlas V)

EchoStar XIX (Atlas V)
CYGNSS (Pegasus XL)
WGS-8 (Delta IV)

GOES-R (Atlas V)

OSIRIS-REx (Atlas V)

AMOS-6 (Falcon 9)
AFSPC-6 (Delta IV)

JCSAT-16 (Falcon 9)

NROL-61 (Atlas V)

CRS-9 (Falcon 9)

MUOS-5 (Atlas V)

EUTELSAT 117 West B/ABS-2A (Falcon 9)

NROL-37 (Delta IV-Heavy)

Thaicom-8 (Falcon 9)

JCSAT-14 (Falcon 9)

CRS-8 (Falcon 9)

OA-6 (Atlas V)

SES-9 (Falcon 9)

GPS 2F-12 (Atlas V)

ORBCOMM-2 (Falcon 9)
OA-4 (Atlas V)
GPS 2F-11 (Atlas V)

Morelos-3 (Atlas V)

MUOS-4 (Atlas V)

WGS-7 (Delta IV)

GPS 2F-10 (Atlas V)

CRS-7 (Falcon 9)

AFSPC-5 (Atlas V)

Pad Abort Test (Crew Dragon)

TurkmenAlem52E/MonacoSat (Falcon 9)

CRS-6 (Falcon 9)

GPS 2F-9 (Delta IV)

MMS (Atlas V)

ABS/EUTELSAT-1 (Falcon 9)

DSCOVR (Falcon 9)

MUOS-3 (Atlas V)

CRS-5 (Falcon 9)

EFT-1 (Delta IV-Heavy)
GPS 2F-8 (Atlas V)

CRS-4 (Falcon 9)

CLIO (Atlas V)

AsiaSat 6 (Falcon 9)

AsiaSat 8 (Falcon 9)

GPS 2F-7 (Atlas V)

AFSPC-4 (Delta IV)

OG2 (Falcon 9)

NROL-33 (Atlas V)

GPS 2F-6 (Delta IV)

CRS-3 (Falcon 9)

NROL-67 (Atlas V)

GPS 2F-5 (Delta IV)

TDRS-L (Atlas V)

Thaicom 6 (Falcon 9)

SES-8 (Falcon 9)
MAVEN (Atlas V)

AEHF-3 (Atlas V)

WGS-6 (Delta IV)

MUOS-2 (Atlas V)

WGS-5 (Delta IV)

GPS 2F-4 (Atlas V)

SBIRS GEO-2 (Atlas V) + ULA Tweetup
CRS-2 (Falcon 9) + NASA Social
TDRS-K (Atlas V)

X-37B OTV 3 (Atlas V)
CRS-1 (Falcon 9)

GPS 2F-3 (Delta IV)

Radiation Belt Storm Probes (Atlas V)

NROL-15 (Delta 4-Heavy)

NROL-38 (Atlas V)

Dragon C2+ (Falcon 9)

AEHF-2 (Atlas V)

MUOS 1 (Atlas V)

WGS-4 (Delta IV)

Mars Science Laboratory (Atlas V)
GRAIL (Delta 2)
Juno (Atlas V)
GPS 2F-2 (Delta 4)
STS-135 (Atlantis) final flight*
STS-134 (Endeavour) final flight*
SBIRS GEO-1 (Atlas V)
NROL-27 (Delta IV)
X-37B OTV 2 (Atlas V)
STS-133 (Discovery) final flight*

Dragon C1 (Falcon 9)
NROL-32 (Delta IV-Heavy)
AEHF-1 (Atlas V)
Falcon 9 test flight
GPS 2F-1 (Delta IV)
STS-132 (Atlantis) landing
STS-132 (Atlantis) launch
X-37B OTV 1 (Atlas V)
STS-131 (Discovery)
GOES P (Delta IV)
SDO (Atlas V)
STS-130 (Endeavour)

WGS-3 (Delta IV)
STS-129 (Atlantis) landing
Intelsat 14 (Atlas V)
STS-129 (Atlantis) launch
Ares 1-X launch
Ares 1-X on the pad
STSS Demo (Delta 2)
PAN (Atlas V)
STS-128 (Discovery)
GPS 2R-21 (Delta 2)
STS-127 (Endeavour) landing
STS-127 (Endeavour) launch
GOES-O (Delta IV)
LRO / LCROSS (Atlas V)
STS-125 (Atlantis) return to KSC
STS-125 (Atlantis) launch
WGS-2 (Atlas V)x
STS-119 (Discovery) landing
GPS 2R-20 (Delta 2)
STS-119 (Discovery) launch
Kepler (Delta 2)
NROL-26 (Delta 4-Heavy)

STS-126 (Endeavour)
STS-124 (Discovery) landing
GLAST (Delta 2)
STS-124 (Discovery) launch
ICO G1 (Atlas V)
GPS 2R-19 (Delta 2)x
STS-123 (Endeavour)
STS-122 (Atlantis) landing
STS-122 (Atlantis) launch

GPS 2R-18 (Delta 2)
NROL-24 (Atlas V)
DSP-23 (Delta 4-Heavy)
STS-120 (Discovery) landing
STS-120 (Discovery) ISS flyby
STS-120 (Discovery) launch
GPS 2R-17 (Delta 2)
WGS SV-1 (Atlas V)
Dawn (Delta 2)
STS-118 (Endeavour) landing
STS-118 (Endeavour) launch
Phoenix Mars Lander (Delta 2)
STS-117 (Atlantis) return to KSC
NROL-30 (Atlas V)
STS-117 (Atlantis) launch
STP-1 (Atlas V)
THEMIS (Delta 2)

STS-116 (Discovery)
GPS 2R-16 (Delta 2)
STEREO (Delta 2)
GPS 2R-15 (Delta 2)
STS-115 (Atlantis)
STS-121 (Discovery)
MiTex (Delta 2)
GOES-N (Delta 4)
Astra 1KR (Atlas 5)
New Horizons (Atlas 5)

GPS 2R-14 (Delta 2)
STS-114 (Discovery) return to KSC
Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (Atlas 5)
STS-114 (Discovery) Return To Flight
NRO (Titan 4B)
STS-114 (Discovery) rollout to pad
Inmarsat-4 (Atlas 5)
NRO (Atlas 3B)
Deep Impact (Delta 2)*

DemoSat (Delta 4-Heavy)*
AMC-16 (Atlas 5)
SWIFT (Delta 2)
GPS 2R-13 (Delta 2)
NROL-1 (Atlas 2AS)
GPS 2R-12 (Delta 2)
AMC-11 (Atlas 2AS)
Superbird 6 (Atlas 2AS)
GPS 2R-11 (Delta 2)
MBSAT (Atlas 3A)
DSP-22 (Titan 4B)
AMC-10 (Atlas 2AS)

GPS 2R-10 (Delta 2)
UHF-F11 (Atlas 3B)
NROL-19 (Titan 4B)
DSCS 3-B6 (Delta 4)
SIRTF (Delta 2)*
Rainbow 1 (Atlas 5)
MER-B (Delta 2)* "Opportunity"
MER-A (Delta 2)* "Spirit"
Hellas Sat (Atlas 5)
GALEX (Pegasus XL)
AsiaSat 4 (Atlas 3B)
Milstar 6 (Titan 4B)
GPS 2R-9 (Delta 2)
DSCS 3-A3 (Delta 4)
GPS 2R-8 (Delta 2)
SORCE (Pegasus XL)
STS-107 (Columbia)* Columbia's last flight

STS-113 (Endeavour) landing
TDRS-J (Atlas 2A)
STS-113 (Endeavour) launch
Eutelsat W5 (Delta 4)
STS-112 (Atlantis)
Hispasat 1D (Atlas 2AS)
Hot Bird 6 (Atlas 5)
CONTOUR (Delta 2)*
STS-111 (Endeavour)
STS-110 (Atlantis) landing
STS-110 (Atlantis) launch
TDRS-I (Atlas 2)x
STS-109 (Columbia)
EchoStar 7 (Atlas 3B)
Milstar 2-F3 (Titan 4B)

STS-108 (Endeavour)
Aquila (Atlas 2AS)
STS-105 (Discovery) landing
STS-105 (Discovery) launch
Genesis (Delta 2)*
DSP-21 (Titan 4B)
STS-104 (Atlantis)
MAP (Delta 2)

STS-52 (Columbia)
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* denotes mission status updates

x Missed Photo Opportunity - info only

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