NASA Social - SpaceX CRS-2
Kennedy Space Center
Day One - 28 February 2013
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Making our way down the transfer aisle we passed a tribute to the Space Shuttle Program where thousands of workers had signed a wall to mark their participation in the effort.

Across from the Space Shuttle Program Tribute was the STS-107 mission logo memorializing the loss of Space Shuttle Columbia and the fact that the recovered wreckage from the disaster is stored in the VAB for study by science and industry.
A Mobile Launch Platform from the Shuttle era shows the three openings in its underside where the exhaust from the Shuttle main engines and solid rocket boosters would pass through at liftoff.
A Crawler-Transporter originally built for the Apollo Program is undergoing refurbishment after years of carting around Space Shuttle stacks before going on to carry NASA's new heavy lift Space Launch System rocket in the years to come.
The Crawler-Transporter is 131 feet long and 114 feet wide.
Loaded it can attain a speed of 1 mile per hour. Unloaded it can reach the hair raising speed of 2 miles per hour.
The flag and NASA meatball painted along a catwalk on the vehicle.
The overall weight of the machine is 6.3 million pounds.
I was half expecting Jawas to descend the ladder and try to sell us some Droids.
Carrying 5,000 gallons of diesel, the Transporter consumers 1 gallon per 32 feet or approximately 165 gallons per mile. Note one of the two cabs, one at each end of the vehicle, at upper left where the driver sits.
Detail of the cab.
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