Atlantis Exhibit Grand Opening
Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex
29 June 2013
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A random look at some of the other exhibits in the hall.

RIGHT: A full-scale representation of what a space walking astronaut looked like riding on the end of the robot arm.

A free floating astronaut using a Manned Maneuvering Unit.
Other exhibits not shown include how the Shuttle reenters the atmosphere, living on the ISS, and Shuttle processing among others.
Looking down on the Astrovan that transported astronaut crews to the pad on launch day.
A Space Shuttle Main Engine.
How the astronauts looked while in the Shuttle awaiting liftoff.
Two tires from the landing gear for Atlantis' last mission.
Astronaut Mike Mullane signs autographs.
The Gaseous Oxygen Vent Arm, or as it was more popularly known, the "beanie cap", from Launch Complex 39B. The device fit over the top of the External Fuel Tank and prevented ice buildup that might damage a Shuttle on liftoff.
Another view of the vent arm and hood.
A flown tool kit used by space walking astronauts.
The original glider model built by Dr. Max Faget in April 1969 to give his engineers an idea of what the future Space Shuttle might look like.

ABOVE: Cardboard box Atlantis suspended from the gift shop ceiling.


LEFT: A final view of the front entrance to the Atlantis exhibit.

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