Atlantis Exhibit Grand Opening
Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex
29 June 2013
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Standing under the towering replica gives one a sense of the grand scale the Space Shuttle Program operated in and some of the resulting engineering complexities the Program had to deal with.
The dedication plaque at the entrance to the building.
It was nice to see a quote by Carl Sagan next to the entrance doors.
One gets an aerial view of the gift shop while climbing the ramps up to the entrance to the Atlantis exhibit.
A view out the front windows gives some scale to the Solid Rocket Boosters when compared to the size of the people milling around.
After several short films on the history of the Space Shuttle Program, one enters the exhibit hall and is greeted to this sight as the door opens. Atlantis is tilted at an angle of 43.21-degrees with the Payload Bay doors open giving an idea of what the vehicle looked like in space.
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