NASA Day of Remembrance - 1 February 2013
A Day of Remembrance Ceremony on the 10th Anniversary of Space Shuttle Columbia
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Like Evelyn Husband, Eileen Collins spoke poignantly of her friendship with members of the STS-107 crew.
Robert Cabana and William H. Gerstenmaier, NASA Human Exploration and Operations associate administrator, listen to Eileen Collins.
It was fairly cold standing out there. I felt sorry for the TV camera man up in the cherry picker who had no protection from the chilly wind.
Jon A. McBride, AMF Board of Directors chairman and former astronaut, sits behind the podium at left listening to Robert Cabana's remarks. McBride was the master of ceremonies for the event.
Three T-38s flown by astronauts from the Johnson Space Center flew overhead in a missing man formation.
The flyover was done as a surprise with no advance word being given.
A retired T-38 on display near the Space Mirror Memorial.
Six-time Grammy award-winning recording artist Bebe Winans sang the Star Spangled Banner at the beginning of the ceremony and a original composition called Ultimate Sacrifice at the close of the ceremony. A Bebe Winans' CD was carried on the STS-107 mission as a personal item by one of the crew. The CD was recovered intact from the Columbia wreckage, having survived unscathed through the re-entry breakup. A keyboard and vocalist duo performed an original composition called 16 Minutes From Home halfway through the ceremony.
At the end of the ceremony the family members laid a wreath at the Space Mirror.
Thirty seconds of silence were observed after the wreath laying followed by the reading of all the names of the fallen astronauts listed on the Mirror.
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