Launch Control Center Tour
Kennedy Space Center - 18 January 2013
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On the third floor, the entrance to Firing Room #3.
Looking into Firing Room #3 reveals the room to be largely cleared out since the last visit on 16 June 2012 when a lot of the old equipment was still in place. The Firing Rooms are being modernized to support a range of launch vehicle options.
The entrance to Firing Room #4 directly opposite #3's doors. From here the final 21 Space Shuttle launches were conducted.
A photo on the wall shows a view of the room at the height of its Space Shuttle activity.
The room on this visit was a very quiet place.
The view of Launch Complex 39A from the large windows behind the Launch Director's station. The panoramas of Firing Room #4 are on the next two pages. Go to Page Three of Four > > >
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