360-degree Tour of Launch Complex 39A at Kennedy Space Center
27 July 2012 & 3 August 2012
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"The External Tank gaseous oxygen vent arm is attached to the fixed service structure between the 69-meter (227-foot) and 63-meter (207-foot) levels. The arm suspends a hood or cap that will lowered over the top of the External Tank and sealed by means of an inflatable collar....prevents vapors from the liquid oxygen vent system at the top of the tank from condensing into ice, which could possibly become dislodged during lift-off and damage the Orbiter's thermal protection system tiles....and serves as a rain shield for the top of the tank."
A Turkey Vulture with the Rotating Service Structure in the background.
Not pictured is an identical storage tank for liquid oxygen located nearby.
Looking down the flame trench at the rear of the pad. The trench deflects launch exhaust and flames away from the pad. The large pipes at left connect to the water tower and transport the water released on the pad at launch.
The white pole atop the pad is the Lightning Mast. The tip of the Mast is 347 feet above the pad. The Mast is made of fiberglass with a grounding cable that provides protection from lightning strikes.
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