Crew Dragon Demo-1 Spacecraft Return To Port Canaveral
9 & 10 March 2019

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The Crew Dragon Demo-1 spacecraft arrived back in Port Canaveral aboard the Go Searcher recovery ship where it was offloaded at the U.S. Navy dock in the Trident Submarine Basin.
Go Searcher was preceded into Port Canaveral by the Go Navigator support ship.
Go Searcher arrives in Port Canaveral carrying the Crew Dragon Demo-1 spacecraft. The green-lit area surrounds the helicopter pad. The mechanism for lifting the spacecraft out of the water and onto the ship is the horseshoe-shaped structure at the back.
After recovery the spacecraft has been moved under the helicopter pad to provide some protection from the elements.
Go Searcher makes the turn into the Trident basin on the Navy base.
Go Searcher approaches the dock. Note the crane at right ready to lift the spacecraft off the ship.
The crane lifts the Crew Dragon spacecraft off the ship and onto a waiting flat bed trailer.
The spacecraft is driven away.
Go Searcher departs the Navy dock and heads back to its own berth at Port Canaveral.
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